Beaujolais Nouvo is a young red wine of the gamme variety, which is sold only six weeks after the end of the grape harvest. And do you know that Beaujolais is not just Nouvo, but could also be traditional wine with the potential for aging and bring the elegance and fineness of Burgundy wines? Choose this month a different Beaujolais. For the transition to winter, try wines with depth and character that will not give away to their more famous neighbors and will pleasantly surprise you.

BEAUJOLAISWhat is Beaujolai?

Beaujolais is the name of a region in France. It is located in the southernmost part of Burgundy, near the city of Lyon and the northern part of the Rhône River. Beaujolais's terrain is distinguished from its famous neighbors to the north and south and gives wine with distinctive qualities.

The main grape variety of Beaujolais is Gamay. (Gamay noir à Jus blanc is the full name, literally: black Gamme with white juice) occupies 98% of the Beauze's Theory. Its wine has a saturated, bluish-red color, good acidity, moderate tannins and light to medium body. The terroir is of great importance for the presentation of the variety.

Yes, Beaujolais and Nouveau. The new Beaujolais is just a jolly holiday for the end of the harvest. Every wine-making region has such holiday and wine like this one, which is mainly drunk on the holiday and the place itself. Beaujolais's World Performance is a tribute to France's role in the development of wine production both in the Old and New World. Cheers! Cheers for the logistics operation, which only six weeks after the grapes left the vineyard, arrives in our glasses. Not everyone can make 30 million bottles and spread them all over the world for the premiere in one day!



The Beaujolais Cru appel is located at the northern edge of the area and consists of ten villages that offer many different soils composed mainly of slate and granite. They give the Gamay variety a wider range of flavors and a more powerful tannin structure.

Wines can mature and are an illustration of what Terroir offers in Beaujolais. Every village produces a distinctive wine that bears the name of the village, without mentioning Beaujolais. The wines made here are compared by specialists with the wines made in Burgundy (Pinot).

If you decide to try Beaujola this month, we have very good ideas for you. In this area we have chosen and have the pleasure of working with Mr. Sebastien Besson of Domaine de Penlois. He is a small producer with great attention to detail and a rising star. You'll be able to try the best of four of the ten villages with your own appellation, includin Moulin-à-Vent, considered to be the brightest and densest expression of the Gamme variety, with the greatest potential for aging; two playful wines with appetite for the Beaules, and for those who do not change the color with time out, a Chardonnay of vineyards planted in 1937 - a wine with an incredibly complex and rich aroma. Well, Beaujola is mostly, but not only, Gamme.

Morgon Terres Rouge 2016, Chenas Tête de Cuvée 2016, Beaujolais-Villages Plaisir Estival 2017 and Beaujolais-Villages Lancié 2016 .


Main - a vineyard with Game in Bruley, at the foot of the mountain of the same name

Top left - “The new Beaujolais arrived” - the phrase with which Beaujol went around the world

Top right - windmill (Moulin-à-Vent) - the only Cru in Beaujolais, which does not bear the name of a village but of this so famous windmill