There is a number of bars that have invented famous cocktails. There are restaurants that have invented famous dishes. There are very few places that have made both. Let us present to you one such place. The drink is BELLINI (white peach juice and brilliant prosecco), called so in tribute to Giovanni Bellini, a Venetian artist of the fifteenth Century. The dish is CARPACCIO – a finely sliced ​​piece of beef with a Jackson Pollock - style dressing – made of mayonnaise with lemon juice, invented for an Italian countess that was on a diet excluding any cooked meat. It is also named after an Italian artist - Vitore Carpaccio, who is famous for his love for deep red colours. The venue is one in both cases - Harry's Bar in Venice.

In the autumn of 1929, Giuseppe Cipriani, a bartender at the Europe Hotel in Venice, met an American student named Harry. He used to be a regular visitor to the bar (actually, he was in Venice to treat his alcohol addiction). Giuseppe had serious doubts about the effectiveness of the treatment as Harry spent his entire days at the bar. When Harry's rich aunt, who financed his de facto harmful habit, cut him off financially and he asked Cipriani for a 10,000 Lire loan. Cipriani loaned the amount and Harry disappeared. Ciprian started to worry that he would never see his money again when Harry returned in February 1930 and not only paid back his debt but also offered further 40,000 Lires to Giuseppe Cipriani to open his own place under the condition to call it "Harry".

The next year, in an old warehouse near St. Marco Square, Harry's Bar opened its doors. The decoration reminds of a fine wind sailing yacht with a very well-polished and weather-preserved timber. The service is elegant and hearty, as if without any effort. The visitor immediately acquires a feeling of a family surrounding. Writers, artists, actors and royal people find it and turn it into their favourite destination every time they visit Venice. By the 1950s, the bar became a place of iconic status, an integral part of Venice. When World War II ended, a US commander of the Allied forces called Cipriani and told him, "You are not a good Italian… Because you have not reopened Harry's Bar yet". Restaurants are victims of trends and fashion – they open and close every five years. What makes Harry's Bar different? It is an institution, and the institutions associate ancestors with their descendants, and they transfer the eternal values, culture and attitude from one generation to another. Cipriani’s secret is not what you can see or touch, but what you can feel. The hospitality shown by a bartender (Cipriani) to a customer (Harry) is a basic principle of Harry's Bar even today. Whether you are an American tourist who wants to experience Bellini, an old Venetian family, a European aristocrat, or a hedonic traveller, you are welcomed with the same warm hospitality, generosity and care that Mr. Ciprani expressed to Harry in the 1930s. It is everlasting!

Almost the century-old history of his bar earned such popularity worldwide that in 2001 he received an award from the Italian Ministry of Culture and the venue was declared a "national landmark".

Seewines offers you the original of the world famous Bellini Cocktail. This summer, trust yourself to Mr. Cipriani. The genius of this drink is in its simplicity. The fine bits of peach jump, chased by the prosecco bubbles into a summer dance that makes you feel joyful, light and cool.