Terre del Ving is a small bio-dynamic cellar in Tuscany, created by Stefano Gonnelli. It is located near the town of Volterra, one of the most charming in Tuscany, founded by the Etruscans in the 10th Century BC. This year, Stefano celebrates his anniversary grape harvest, tenth in a row. The cellar makes nearly 15,000 bottles a year, working entirely with local Tuscany varieties, some of which are known as Sangiovese, Malvasia, Trebbiano, others less known and popular as Cigliegiolo, Colorino, San Colombano, Malvasia Nera.

Besides the wine he makes from his own vineyards, Stefano also makes a couple of wines from a vineyard he cares near the Tyrrhenian sea coast: in the area of ​​Montescudaio bordering Bolgheri, one of the best terroirs for Cabernet in Italy.

The very story of Terre del Ving is quite interesting from a purely human point of view. Wine has the power to change life as long as it is allowed to do so, as if with a magic wand it can transform it, giving it entirely new colours and shapes.

Stefano: from a space engineer to a bio-dynamic winemaker

A decade ago, Stefano used to live and looked quite different from today. A graduate engineer, he used to work at the European Space Agency (ESA) near Leiden, the Netherlands. His world was then connected to space satellites, while today he is connected to the Earth and its energy. Here is how he himself describes the change in his life: "Then I had short hair, a little time for myself, a big house and a lot of responsibilities. Now, I have long hair, a small house, I am still short of for myself, but I am responsible only to myself, and thw load of this kind of responsibility is much lighter. Approaching my 40th birthday, I fell into a kind of existential crisis. On the outside, my life looked as a successful and well-ordered one, but I did not feel happy I was missing something; I used to feel some emptiness, it seemed to me that I was not following my way; that I'm not fulfilling my mission. So, I decided to quit my job as an engineer in the Netherlands, and came back to Italy in quest for a new start. It was not an easy decision but I found the strength to take it, while many people around me thought I was crazy and I was making a big mistake, but my loved ones gave me a great support. Our life here on this Earth is only one and it is our duty to ourselves to experience it in the best and most meaningful way for us. It took some time trying to find my way and check out what makes me really happy and gives me the energy to live, but I found it. In 2007, we bought the Podere Borgaruccio Mansion and I started making wine there. The decision for bio/organic farming, and later biodynamics, came spontaneously: I could not imagine giving poisons to my land. When I started, I did not know anything about wine and viticulture, I approached them with the curiosity and innocence of a child. Over time, I used to gain experience and knowledge and now I understand much better than before my terroir and how to reflect it in the wine. But there is no learning of wine; it is much bigger than us, and human life is not enough to understand it in fully. Those who think they have understood everything cannot make interesting wines. "

From an engineer Stefano became a winemaker, hence the name of the project, Terre del Ving, the Land of Ving (in Italian, and the Bulgarian shortened form of engineer is Ing/eng.), and wine is “vino”. That is, Ving, the wine-engineer.

"The relationship with the Earth, with Nature is extremely important to me" Stefano continues the story of his life. "When I am alone working in the vineyard, when I listen to the sounds of Nature and breathe the aromas it is then that I feel really calm and happy." Looking carefully at his eyes, it is not hard to believe it, radiating calmness and a sense of peace.

"Small and big, time and space, matter and energy, everything is interconnected, everything is One. Laws governing the Universe, biodynamics and Space are the same," adds Stefano. “It is easier to feel them rather than to understand them, our rational mind is limited, while that of the heart has no limits."

Biodynamic wines carry a special, rechargeable energy. Rest assure yourself with tasting Stefano’s wines (Terre del Ving), representing a part of our selection.