First of all, because I like wine

Wine is an amazing drink with a history almost as long, as human beings. It seems that we always used to make wine and improving it further. Wine is multi-layered and interwoven with events, fates and epochs that leave their marks on its flavour and aromas. The more you know and understand the wine, the more there is to learn about it, because it's a wonderful adventure for a curious man. Millions of aromas and flavours intertwine and fascinate with their incredible combinations and the stories they tell. Properly selected wine makes meals even more interesting and delicious, while food also reveals other aspects of wine. It is the wine that accompanies pleasantly our meals, joining friends and relatives, in sweet talks and laughter. Finally, but not least, wine is a wonderful occasion to endlessly travel and visit beautiful places. (And if the above arguments are not enough, I can add that a glass of two a day have a positive effect on health.)

Second – because I do not have to fret about it

It's good to know that my bottles will arrive on the specified date, at the named place and at the fixed time. I will not go around town, and find no place to park, or run in the rain with a box in my hands. If I need more, I’ll either make a phone call, or enter my account in the website and make an order. It arrives on time, in secure packaging and quality guarantee. If I have time, I can go through the various sections and choose something I have not tasted yet. Wine lovers always search for new and unknown territories, tastes, styles, varieties to accumulate experience and favourite wines. Someday I'll start adding to make my own collection as well. Way better than pictures. You sip in and it takes your whole being in time and place where you first met and liked this wine. A nice moment and a story awakens again. Finally, but not least, there is no commitment. I can break for a month, I can write my name off and enrol again, to become a member of another club – whatever I like.

Third, but not by importance, place – because it is a club

A club means I'm not alone; I am among fellow thinkers. Drinking wine in a company is among the most enjoyable forms of socialization ever invented by man. But most importantly, a club means that someone takes care of me. When shopping, it is extremely enjoyable. Someone knows where and how to get and take what I liked; knows how to surprise me each month and to make it a whole fun weekend with friends on wine and eating. He can send a companion for their birthday of that wine we had on that trip and he liked it very much. In general, someone knows much more than I do, and I can always trust, ask for advice or recommendation, what drink to choose, what to have with it, even with whom, and when to drink it.

Just amazing, winique! You should try now.