A unique plot of land, with over 250, almost-vanished variety, is a dream come true for Franz Lett Senior

Franz and Barbara Leth create Weingut Lethin the early 1960s in the village of Fels am Wagram. From a small, mixed agricultural enterprise with an area of ​​half a hectare, the wine gradually becomes the main source of income for the family. By continuously adding new plots to the best locations in the area, they soon become one of the region's leading wine cellars.


WeingutLethThe vineyards are located in the valley of Wagram along the Danube. The large geological formations, combined with constant and predictable climatic conditions, are prerequisites for making full wines, rich in aroma and taste. Lay layers of loess formed during the ice age cover a mixture of marine fossils and shingle.

The Veltliner grape variety takes best advantage of Wagram's terraces and offers light and spicy wines in a classic dry style to rich and aromatic aging. Half of about 50 hectares of the family are planted with this variety. Their wines are among the best in all of Austria, where almost every winery has such vines.


Leth have plots in six regions known in the Fels am Wagram records and located around it: Scheiben, Brunnthal, Schafflerberg, Steinagrund, Schillingsberg and Fumberg. Each of them can participate in the making of Grüner Veltliner and present itself as a wine from the respective plot. Wines are available in two classes: Klassik, in a typical Austrian style with fresh fruits and spices, and Lagenreserven, which features its intense aromas and emphasis on the individual terroir character.



In the last decade, Leth has accumulated confidence and positions with regard to red wines. The first red variety was planted in the late 1960s. Now, they have old vines, which is a huge advantage when it comes to red wine. Zweigelt is particularly interesting. This typical, Austrian, red variety makes it possible to make a characteristic red wine - even at an international level - that you win with your fruits and charm. The family sets standards for red wine in the Wagram area.


Weingut Leth has a rich list of wines, ranging from the famous white grape varieties Grümüller Veltliner, Roter Veltliner, Riesling and red from Zweigelt and Pinot Noir to a sparkling wine and a sweet wine , made with the help of the noble botrytis mold.


Franz Lett Senior succeeds in realizing one of his dreams in the early 1990s to plant a vineyard with rare and vanishing varieties from the region. Today, the collection includes varieties from Lower Austria, but also rare varieties from Styria, Burgenland, Italy, Hungary, Germany and the Czech Republic. On well-defined sections, it has planted 15 root species and since then, they have become more than 250 different varieties, some of which, without a clear origin and name - an impressive genetic bank to which many universities and institutes turn for information.