Biodynamic wines, local varieties and two wine-producing artists

Gerhard Pittnauer inherits his father's vineyards in the town of Gols, Neusiedl am See, Burgenland, Austria, just 18 years old in the mid-1980s. He began to learn to make wine in an irrational period for the Australian production after the 1985 enormous scandal. He did not stop experimenting in search of the most exact expression of the land that cultivates and the local varieties it plants.

 Gerhard is about to “grow up” wine in the vineyard rather than doing it in the winery. After many samples and mistakes he finds that the blame that he likes and loves from France and the world is made from grapes grown with biodynamic practices and that gives him a clear direction for development.

In the immediate vicinity is the vast Neusiedlersee - a shallow lake that dominates the landscape, reduces the heat of the long summer days and winter cold in Central Europe and creates unique conditions for some of Austria's finest wines.

 All the work is done by hand. There is no calendar or timing, there is no hurry. At Pittnauer, they choose speed ahead. The grapes are trying for perfect maturity, the best grains are selected and vinification is carried out according to the type of the harvest.

 Ptynauer make wines that impress with the unique expression of the variety and the terroir. Their taste and preferences are constantly evolving. Hence their attitude to each crop as a result of a particular research and discovery that they share with the world.

 They pride themselves on their experimental spirit, driven by the desire to "recreate purity" of their varieties, even preferring not to use sulphites. The result is vital, long-lasting wines with true originality and individual style, far beyond mainstream...

 Regardless of fashion and trends, Gerhard and Brigitte Pittnauer have dedicated themselves to the care of St. Laurent. They are convinced of the potential that this variety has on the cool fabrics at the southern edge of the Parndorfer Platte in Burgenland.

 Since 2006, the winery has been certified as a bioproducer. In 2014, the journal & Falstaff & amp; announces Gerhard Pítnauer as the winemaker of the year. He says, “I love guilt down to my essence - both for making and drinking.”


Weingut Pittnauer

Weingut Pittnauer 2