Even if you do not taste wine, you have heard these recommendations:

- Red wine with red meat

- White wine with fish and poultry

These are verified truths and as such, they have their value because they will not mislead you, principally & hellip; However, don't you think, that it simplifies and restricts the imagination and the freedom to mix?

There is only one rule that nobody contests when choosing wine and foods: Experiment! Search and try. Do not be afraid to make your own, interesting combinations, even if they are just yours. Good combination creates a balance between the ingredients of the dish and the characteristics of the wine, whether you do it in similarity or contrast.

Wine, as an aperitif, provides a different experience than when it is accompanied by food. By adding food, the world becomes even more interesting and fun. In his dawn the man has connected them intact. Therefore, people say: Drink local wine with local food. Most often, they are created for each other.

The tastes are Four

Sweet / Salty / Sour / Bitter

The taste is quantifiable, usually, from weak to very strong. There is fruit strawberry and strawberry flavor, but no taste bitter and bitter bitter. You need to know these basic tastes to judge the selection of wine.

When you try a strawberry jam, the taste you are feeling is Sweet. But you call it strawberry because of the aroma that accompanies it. Did you happen to drink water and laugh suddenly? In addition to coughing, drops of water run through your nose - this is the way that the orthopedic smell takes place. The other classic experiment is pinching the nose with your thumb and forefinger - your ability to tell your food in your mouth is sharply because you only get information about the flavor, but not about the flavors.

Some Alphabetical Truths

The center of your table has only one star of the evening!

If you want to show a special bottle of wine, the choice of food will play a supportive role. If you want to make a remarkable recipe, it is best to choose a wine that does not shine, but to harmonize and enhance the effect of the dish.

Wine, as well as people, is getting closer to one another.

Some very successful wine and food partnerships are based on common characteristics, similarities. Half-hearted Riesling, in the company of pork fillet with apricot chutney, is an illustration of such a connection. Pollen adds sweetness to that of wine.

Oppositions are also attracted!

Glass Sauvignon Blanc to a plateau with oysters - the wine & ldquo; the salt of the mussel, and the mussel receives with joy its freshness.


Several sample combinations

Fish and Wine

When we combine fish and wine one of the main elements is the texture of the fish. Fish with a lighter and fragile texture such as sea bass and safflower, made with light citrus dressing, can be combined with a wide range of fresh and citrus wines such as Champagne Extra-Brut, Chablis и Grillo from Sicily.

Fish with rich texture and saturated fats such as turbot, salmon and mackerel would perfectly matchChardonnay from California, Godeau from Spain и red Beaujolais.

Wine and Food

White cheese and wine

White cheese is everywhere in our kitchen. If you want to enjoy cow, sheep or goat cheese with a glass of wine, choose Beaujolais for cow cheese, Chardonney, aged in oak, for sheep cheese Rose for goat cheese.

wine and food

Meat and wine

In our festive menu, rich meat dishes such as Rhodope Kapama, Pork with Mushroom Sauce and Stuffed Turkey are often present. This season, for variety, try red wine from Rioja, Merlot from California and Shiraz from Australia.

Non meat meals

Leaves such as Banitsa with leeks, Bob on Monastery and Lebanese servises will be combined beautifully with Beige - white and red. These foods can also be served with Chianti or Rephosco from Friuli, Italy.

Impossible combination

Yoghurt and wine? At first glance, hardly if you do not remember, who else in Europe loves sour cabbage. The Germans and the French people in Alsace eat it with Riesling or Gewurztraminer. If it's too unusual, take it Gamza.

At seewines.eu you will find information about the most appropriate wine-food combinations.