The world of wine is huge and if you are not yet convinced in it, just walk through the pages of our store. Check out the left column with filters to help your search – the combinations of data on geography, type, style, variety, year and price that are possible when choosing a wine are countless.

Wine clubs make choices easier and more enjoyable. Most often they are offered by the wineries or wine shops themselves (online and offline), but you can also find some that are self-developed. The Wine Club offers its customers 2, 3, 6 or any other number of bottles with regular deliveries each month, every couple of months, or each quarter – according to the terms and the customer. Wines are selected by an expert to cover certain criteria – depending on the type of club and its subject. In short, you get an experienced and specially trained guide to care for you and assist you in an enriching trip to the wine world, making it more enjoyable without even leaving the comfort of your home. We will share with you how we work at Seewines: We set a delivery date and invite guests to dinner the next day by choosing a menu of suggested appropriate foods/meals on the site. The result is always excellent – a wonderful evening with friends and wine stories.

The idea of ​​wine clubs is a relatively recent and modern acquisition – launched in 1972. in the small liquor store at Palos Verdes Estates, California, owned by Paul Kalemkarian Senior. When a customer would need an advice regarding wine purchase, he would recommend a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red wine that he had tasted aforehand, and declared as Wine of the Month. Very soon, customers started asking for this selection to be delivered to their homes. Eventually, store customers requested that their monthly selections be delivered to them. The day Kalemkiarian Junior. (a teenager at that time) received his driver’s licence he picked the truck from the warehouse and delivered his first round of wine to listed local customers. The number of customers requesting this service grew too numerous, at which point the business grew into a Wine of the Month Club and as such it still exists today. The club, which is now owned and run by Paul Kalemkiarian Jr, continues its tradition of delivering two bottles of wine each month. Today, the number of states he has got a license to deliver to has increased to 33, but it is not all – the number of clubs of different price range and thematic variations has also increased. For the past 50 years, this convenience has gained great popularity among customers, especially on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It is almost customarily for wineries to have their own wine clubs, to deliver their produce to customers. The penetration of the Internet into the retail trade with enormous power also takes over the idea and offers a wide variety of clubs – subscriptions. Gradually Wine of the Month acquires a generic character and starts to be widely used as a byword. Similar to Xerox, when all copiers were called Xerox, nevertheless of their manufacturer. However, the lawyers of Paul Kalemkiarian Jr, on the grounds of ownership of the Wine of the Month trademark, managed to enter into a deal with Google, Yahoo and MSN, and when “Wine of the Month” appear on their search engines, the top result is always the original club since 1972, without other ads on the page.

There are all types of clubs – world is wide enough. However, one should bear in mind that delivery is a major obstacle to wine traveling freely around the globe, when it is not in trade volumes. Wine is a bulky commodity with heavy packing and security and storage requirements that, depending on the destination and quantity, may rise the price of delivery insurmountably high.

Therefore, when choosing a club, it is a good idea to chose one that is in the same country and have good conditions for storing and special packaging of wine, as well as to offer replacement in case of damage or loss. Of course, there are the SEEWINE WINE CLUBS, covering such requirements because we strive to offer the best and winique service to our clients and you only need to trust the flair of our sommeliers who will select your wine on a monthly basis and we will deliver it to you at a convenient time and date fixed by you.