First Step - Price range

Make the search process easier. Choose the correct price range based of the importance of the occasion and your personal relationships with the recipient of the gift. Тhis will give you a realistic direction and will limit the variety of wines.


Second Step - The time of the Year

Regardless of the occasion or the recipient of the gift, pay attention to the season. This will save you the inconvenience of showing up at a Christmas party with the wrong bottle. Choose the rosé and white, mostly in spring and summer, and the red and dense wines for autumn and winter. You can buy a nice bottle of Champagne every season because of the prestige of the drink. Just choose more playful and lighter options for the warm weather outside.


Third Step - Taste of your friend and the occasion

It would be nice to know the recipient as well as possible. This will make your gift personal and meaningful.


Fourth Step - Professional Advice

Just take a look to ours carefully selected offers in the Gifts section to find the best gift. If you need some assistant or have questions just contact us.


Fifth Step - Presentation

Do you know that a gift-wrapped item influences the recipient to have a more favourable attitude towards owning the gift item? It It is important to choose a stylish packaging that suits both the occasion and the wine you are going to give away.