Perhaps you think that giving a wine is a little old-fashioned or only for "older" people? We want to assure you that over the last few millennia the wine has not lost the least of its attractiveness, elegance and style as a gift.

Choosing the right gift wine is a great way to show attitude and what the recipient means to you. Just take some time.

There are wines for every person and occasion.

There are even wines that are traditionally associated with special occasions. Take the Champagne as an example and all its different inversions by origin. On every holiday you are welcome with a bottle of sparkling wine.

A particular crop may attach special importance to your gift.

Select a year that marks a period or event in the recipient's life that is worth remembering and will make the bottle a valuable asset.

Wine is the perfect gift for dinner.

You can choose a wine that complements the food and shows your dedication to the event. If you are not sure about the best wine to suit dinner, simply refer to the table you will find on the product page of each wine in our online store or search with suitable food.

Wine is a beautiful gift.

When it comes to gifts, the look is important. Wineries from all over the world compete not only in making wine, but also in packaging design. Special labels and bottles will also make your gift more special. Some wines have beautiful boxes, and you can rejoice every connoisseur and with a 6-bottle wooden box - directly from the manufacturer

Wine is a gift with a sequel.

You can choose a wine that will develop its taste with age. There are blame that you should not open until at least 10-15 years have passed since the bottling date. Remember, such wines are also growing in value over time.

Wine is a gift that says: "Share me".

Whether the recipient will shoot the cork immediately or enjoy it another time, the wine will always enjoy the social attitude and the recipient will share the emotion with the people he loves.

Wine is indeed a universal gift, suitable for a wide range of people and occasions. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, a birthday or just a good friend, there will surely be a bottle of wine that suits your needs.

Do not forget to check out the gift offers of our specialists in section Gifts. New and interesting combinations appear regularly there. You can include a personalized message and send your wine through express delivery anywhere in the country. If you are currently thinking about an important date in the future, we accept queries for each future business day in the calendar year.