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About us

Meet our consultants

Blagoy Kuzmanski

Sommelier in development

Blagoy Kuzmanski lives and works as a sommelier in London. He is currently pursuing a WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) degree. He is preparing for his Master Sommelier (MS) - an exam considered the most difficult of all other professions. However, the learning does not end there. Like he says: A day without learning is a day wasted. He is preparing for the Vinitaly International Academy, the Sud de France Master Level Program, the Sherry Educator and others.

Everything he does is related to wine. He likes his collection of wine books, and spends every free minute planning the next visit to some of the wine regions in the world. He travels a lot and works a lot. Blagoy impresses with his knowledge and his enthusiasm and energy are contagious. His Seewines selections will charm and surprise you.

Petar Bakalov

Sommelier in development

Peter spends 5 years in France – the place where he finds his affection towards wine. He graduated with a Masters degree in wine marketing and management from Bordeaux. During his studies, he took an apprenticeship in one of the renowned chateaus in the Bordeaux region - Château Pape Clément. He currently continues to live and learn in the world of wine, already certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers and preparing for the next level of certification. A graduate of the French Wine Scholar, Peter will always give you a thoughtful advise – from high-quality red Bordeaux Blend, through mineral Chablis Chardonnay or aromatic and elegant Alsace Riesling, to dry Extra Brut boutique Champagne.

Mariana Galabova

The future of native viticulture

Mariana graduated from the University of Food Technologies (UFT) – Plovdiv in 2017 as an oenologist. She joined the team of Seewines as a convincing winning finalist of a joint competition of the company and UFT–Plovdiv. She is an outstanding Sensory Evaluation Expert and well-acquainted with the sensory characteristics of the wine. Since her first year at the university Mariana has been a permanent feature of any group of specialists gathered to talk about wine – the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (2016), the Digital Wine Communication Conference (2015). However, she also understands that wine production begins in the vineyard and she did several traineeships – in the biodynamic winery Caiarossa in Italy and in the Bulgarian Orbelus and Four Friends.

Mariana is the new generation of winemakers, in which more and more ladies are coming in, and we look forward to the moment when we take a sip of their wine. Seewines takes part in the wine selection and is at your service when you need professional advice.

Maria Stoeva

Terroir from Burgundy to Sakar

Maria is one of the first ladies of the new Bulgarian viticulture. In 2016 she won the Young Oenologist of the Year award of the Union of Oenologists in Bulgaria. Her oenological education started at the Francophone Branch of UFT-Plovdiv and she was later elected to complete her education in Dijon, France, where she graduated with a National French Diploma (DNO) for a Master-oenologist. There she gained experience in 3 wine campaigns – in Burgundy, Bordeaux and Chablis. In Burgundy, she participated in the regional stage of the Vinalies competition, and became a member of the Sommelier Association in Burgundy. Since 2015 she has been an oenologist at the Bratanovi Winery, South Sakar.

Maria is an oenologist from the French School, and her views on the terroir and its advancement will soon bring us many interesting and pleasant moments with her wine. With it the revival of our wine traditions will get a very interesting French nuance. She is a good Seewines team member and an advantage for our clients.

Nikoleta Dikova

Biodynamic manufacturer

Nicoleta took her masters degree in Oenology and Marketing of Wine in Italy. She has been working in this field for 10 years, focusing on natural and craft wines. She is the only Bulgarian trainee currently in the program of The Institute of Masters of Wine (London), a world-renowned organization that has been promoting the professionalism and knowledge of wine art, science and business for sixty years now.

Nicoleta is part of the team of the bio-dynamic cellar Terre del Ving in Tuscany, author of articles, lecturer, international wine judge and our breeder.

Julian Renault

A French winemaker in Italy

Juliane Renault discovers his passion for wine thanks to his grandfather, a winemaker in Corbières, Southern France. He began to make his first wines at the age of 14 and studied wine and viticulture in Toulouse and Montpellier. After completing his two master degrees in agronomy and oenology, Julian moved to California, where he joined the team of one of the world is most famous wineries, Opus One.

Since 2014, he has been running the organic and bio-dynamic wine cellar of Caiarossa in Tuscany, Italy, and training manufacturers around the world on the principles of bio-dynamics and organic viticulture. Juliane Renault believes that the minimal intervention of the oenologist during wine making is the right way for wine to express the real potential of the terroir.

For Seewines he presents a selection of small and interesting wineries in Italy, as well as his own wine, of course.

Learn more about the team

Behind the idea of this wine shop stands a group of friends-connoisseurs of fine wines and friends who love wine and enjoy it with or without an occasion. :)

We also believe in its beneficial properties - especially we appreciate its ability to unite people, to create good emotions and feelings, to help communicate, to untangle the imagination. We know there are others out there like us and that there will be more and more people looking to try a different wine with specific mannerism and characteristics.

We created Seewines as a shop we always wanted to visit, but still have not found, however, we chose to be digital first because everything new should be ... new. Wine shopping online has now gone beyond the level of ordinary convenience and offers more and more advantages such as free and fast delivery, quick orientation in the portfolio, easy and quick screening of desirable wines, detailed information on the characteristics of wines, quick purchase saving time. And to offline shopping fans, we dedicate our physical wine and art location to SeeWines Gallery (106 Bulgaria Blvd. in the capital), where we invite you to shop, dive into the wine world with our myriad of wine events and tastings, or just meet with friends over a glass of favorite wine.

SeeWines offers you a variety of journeys in the world of wine. We will take you to the hills of Tuscany, Umbria, all of Italy; we will show you that France is not just Bordeaux and Burgundy; we will feel together the warmth of Spain, Sicily and the coolness of Austria and Germany; we will introduce you to the cradle of winemaking – Armenia and Georgia. And there are a lot of others Seewines wine routes. We promise to tour the world in search of interesting and impressive wines, and – believe it – it is full of such wines. It will always be interesting and fun to join us. An abundance of flavours and aromas, in the most wonderful combinations, that can surprise you and enchant you without end, because – you know – the wine is endless. It comes from very far and goes well ahead of time. We have the privilege of enjoying it in one of its periods – that of our lives.

Communicative and charming, Elena has taken care of our corporate clients. You can rely on her for any wine-related events, as well as for regularly orders of products from the selection of our sommeliers for your restaurant.
She is responsible for everyone and everything. Manages, coaches and motivates the team. She is the person who drives the work of all to one direction - happy customers who shop comfortably, pleasantly, easily and come back again because it makes them feel Winique.
He is responsible for the logistics of your wines. With Dennis everything arrives on the spot and on time. He has extensive experience in direct sales and customer care. He does his best to deliver an excellent Winique service.
She takes care of the nuances of each element. Manages a team, organizes the systems, logistics and everything that contributes to this Winique experience at our wine shop.
She is an oenologist with great knowledge. She actively participates in the selection of wines and is at your disposal when you need professional or friendly advice – whatever attracts your interest in the world of wine.
He monitors the smooth running of every process in our online wine shop. He carefully studies your tastes and preferences to provide you with a pleasant, comfortable and Winique shopping experience.
She happily responds to all your inquiries, resolves any difficulties that may have arisen and accepts orders for your favourite wines. Because of her you will hang up the phone with a smile on your face.
Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Ned takes care of you being always aware of all the activities of SeeWines. On daily basis he analyzes and monitors all online channels that we use. Making sure they develop and prosper in order to meet your expectation and get you the "winique" experience you deserve.
Весела Тодорова
Весела Тодорова
editor at wine industry

The site is great! Convenient to use, one easily finds what he is looking for, even more! As a lover of wine, I am delighted with what I found! Thank you!

Emilia Bradford-Georgieva
Emilia Bradford-Georgieva
editor at wine industry

It was a real pleasure for me to become a customer of Seewines. I have not seen an online shop arranged so well. Everything is done very intuitively to the user, making it easy to work with. On the other hand, the rich assortment they support, as well as the quality of the products they offer, are an indication to me of the high professionalism, which in turn reinforces my desire to become their regular customer.

Надя Павлова
Надя Павлова
editor at wine industry

I am fond of the wine and I am very pleasantly impressed by this site, which, besides new, unknown brands, also has variety. Easy and affordable, one can enjoy.

editor at wine industry

Thank you Seewines! Great team, unique service!

Весела Попова
Весела Попова
editor at wine industry

I was very pleasantly surprised by your site! For a long time, I had not found anything so good - a really rich selection to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes, a great gift idea and an opportunity to taste wines from the best wineries in the country and Europe! In a word - a site for connoisseurs! On top of it - easy, convenient and fast! I recommended it to all my friends!