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Terre Fate DOC

Terre delle Fate DOC

Feudo Disisa
Fiano is an Italian variety, mainly grown in Sicily and Campania. It is also popular outside the country - in Australia and Argentina. The vines are about 15 years old, the wine is fresh, fruity and has not been in contact with wood.
  • 750 ml
  • 2017
  • Alc. %: 12.5
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Up to 1 business day delivery.

Terre Fate DOC
Terre delle Fate DOC

Feudo Disisa

Sicily is culturally distanced from continental Italy in many ways. Here they have different traditions, different ways of getting things done that hosts a feeling of undeniable individuality for the relatively big island. Feudo Disisa is a perfect example for this. The estate is stretches between the Belice and Jato valleys – they have a slight downslope towards the see. The Di Lorenzo family that owns the place since almost 200 years manages to combine tradition, modern technology and passion for superb winemaking. Nero d’Avola is the main varietal grown for the rich reds. They perfectly reflect the warmth of Sicily. Feudo Disisa bottles on of the finest examples: Vuaria.

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