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Macanita Branco

Macanita Branco

Macanita Vinhos
The vineyards are located in the two differently leveled subregions of Baixo Corgo and Douro Superiore. A big part of the grapes (80%) originates from Baixo Corgo. The wine does not mature in oak barrels, so it can keep its fruity and fresh character.
  • 750 ml
  • 2017
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Up to 1 business day delivery.

Macanita Branco
Macanita Branco

Macanita Vinhos

Macanita Vinhos was launched in 2011 as a dream project of a brother and a sister to make wine - "on four hands". Joana and António, already established oenologists and producers, gathered together to extract from Durro, a region well known for its high quality, wines that surprise, charm and attract, beautifully signed with their names. The vineyards are scattered in three Douro suburbs : Baixo Corgo planted with Malvasia Fina, Viosinho and Gouveio, Douro Superior with Códega do Larinhoi and red varieties, Cima Corgo, where you will find Touriga Nacional vineyards for over 80 years. One tip: Make sure to regularly check the selection of this winery. More interesting wines are exoected to come from there, and you have to get to know the available ones as well. And we will keep you regularly informed about everything new from Maçanita brother and sister.

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