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Macon-Loche Pres Foret

Маcon-Fuisse en Vers Chanes

Clos des Rocs
"Vers Chanes" is the latest addition to the portfolio of Domaine du Clos de Rocs. A total of 3000 bottles produced, this wine stems from probably the best vineyards of the Mâcon-Villages appellation.
  • 750 ml
  • 2016
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Macon-Loche Pres Foret
Маcon-Fuisse en Vers Chanes

Clos des Rocs

Olivier Giroux was born and developed an early interest in wine in the Mâconnais region in southern Burgundy. Having graduated as an oenologist and spent ten years refining his skills with large producers in the Rhone Valley, he decided to return home to fulfill his dream of bottling White Burgundy wine. Olivier became an owner-agronomist-wine-maker-marketing vendor of Domaine du Clos des Rocs - 6 hectares of impressively diverse plots of old Chardonnay vineyards. It was transferred to organic farming and the cellar was repaired. With the US debut of his wines in 2014, it became immediately clear that the Clos des Rocs deserves a place among the highest category of domains in southern Burgundy. These are tinted and classic-style wines that perfectly articulate the unique and exquisite character of the region. Keep an eye on its development. There are many more winique vintages of this manufacturer.

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