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Negroamaro IGP Salento

Negroamaro IGP Salento

Natalino Del Prete
Anne carries the name of the wife of Natalino del Prete, and it was created by a variety spread mainly in Pulia. It is believed that Negroamaro is derived from both words nero - black, and amaro - bitter. The vinification is in cement tanks and no sulphites are added.
  • 750 ml
  • 2016
  • Alc. %: 15
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Up to 1 business day delivery.

Negroamaro IGP Salento
Negroamaro IGP Salento

Natalino Del Prete

Natalino Del Prete is a third-generation winemaker in Salento, Puglia, southern Italy. Of its 10 hectares, 3 are olives and 7 vines of local varieties Primitivo, Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera and Aleatico. Agriculture is organic and no chemicals are involved in it. This approach is also transferred to the winery, where wines are fermented and matured in concrete vessels without interference or addition of sulfur. Natalino Del Prete's philosophy is simple: "Good land and a lot of work give good grapes, then you need nothing more than a press, a barrel, a little water, and very good will in the cellar." Today, at 70, you can find him among the vineyards, with padded sleeves and muddy shoes. Recently, his daughter Mina joined him and together they keep the tradition. The wines are a wonderful expression of the land and varieties of Salento, delivered in a very pure and straightforward way by the Del Prete family.

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