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We offer the following payment methods:

1. Cash on Delivery

2. Bank transfer

3. Credit/Debit card

4. Microaccount at ePay.bg

5. B-pay

6. EasyPay counter

Cash on Delivery

The full amount (the total specified in the completed order email) shall be paid in Bulgarian Levs directly to the courier upon receipt of the package.

Bank transfer

Please, transfer the amount of your order to the bank account specified on your order summary page and in the order confirmation email. Please state the order number in the "Payment reason" field and be sure to mention the name and surname of the person who made the order.

Our bank details can also be found below:

Seewines Logistics LLC

bul. Bulgaria 106, Ent. D, Floor 4, Ap. 9


IBAN: BG92UNCR70001523225595


Online payment via Credit/Debit card

We accept the following types of bank cards:

The online payment is done with a personal Credit/Debit card or your company card – under safe conditions. We accept the following credit and debit cards:

Maestro, Visa (all types), MasterCard (all types), AMEX, Diners Club; and for direct credit card payments: Maestro, Visa (all types), MasterCard (all types).

Microaccount at ePay.bg

To pay through the ePay.bg MicroAccount, you need to register at ePay.bg website.

Payment via an ATM that supports the B-Pay service

To use this payment method, you only need to have the code for seewiness.eu (60000) for B-Pay and your unique 10-digit payment number.

From the B-Pay Menu at an ATM you can choose from: menu "Other Services"> "B-Pay" menu> Enter the merchant code – 60000 > Enter the 10-digit order payment code.

Once you’ve entered the required data, the screen shall show information containing the name of SeeWines.eu, a brief description of the payment, the amount due and the balance on your account before payment. This is also the screen to confirm the payment made by the customer – by entering the card PIN.

If the payment has been successful, the B-Pay system will automatically notify us, the payment will be validated in real time.

You can find information about the list of B-Pay ATMs here: https://www.epay.bg/?page=front_wiki&p=b-pay_atm

At the Easypay counter (using a 10-digit code)

Payment is only possible through a 10-digit code presented at the Easypay counter.