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Beaujolais Villages Lancie

Domaine du Penlois
The vineyards are located among the four Cru - Fleurie, Chiroubles, Morgon and Moulin a Vent. The wine manages to express them perfectly. The good location of the vineyards is at the heart of the pleasant and aromatic character of this fruit-profiled wine.
  • 750 ml
  • 2016
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This wine is not available at the moment.

This wine is not available at the moment.

Beaujolais Villages Lancie

Domaine du Penlois

The domain is located in southern Burgundy and in the northern part of the Rhone Valley - in the heart of Beaujolais, in the town of Lancié. The Besson family have been involved in wine-business for almost 100 years. Know-how of four generations provides a deep knowledge and understanding of the land and vines and it reflects directly on the high quality adopted here as a standard. The 25 hectares of wonderfully maintained vineyards are scattered around the Lancié, Juliénas, Morgon and Chenas terraces and allow the Besson family to offer an impressive variety of wines. Most are based on the variety Gamay - red and rosé, but there is also Beaujolais Blanc, which is not so common. They offer fineness, freshness and pronounced fruitiness. The ideal drinking temperature is low, between 14 and 16 degrees. These are wines you can treat your palate daily when looking for lightness and good mood.

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