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Rose Premium Cuvee

Rose Premium Cuvee

Bruno Paillard
The percentage of the Chardonnay that got into this coupage is known only by Paillard. The three years of maturing on the lees give the wine an incredible tone and a creamy character. It is a wine, which you can enjoy with or without an occasion.
  • BGN129.00
  • NV
  • Alc. %: 12
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Up to 1 business day delivery.

Up to 1 business day delivery.

Rose Premium Cuvee
Rose Premium Cuvee

Champagne Bruno Paillard

Bruno Paillard comes from a family of wine merchants and wine makers ever since 1704 onwards. In 1975, barely 27 years old, but experienced in marketing Champagne, he founded his own company without vineyards and wineries and without funding. He sells his vehicle and begins to produce champagne in a leased winery, choosing carefully grapes from independent manufacturers. In 1994,1 he managed to buy his first vineyard - 3 hectares of Grand Cru in Oger, Côte des Blancs. From this moment on until today, Bruno Paillard, with a lot of patience and persistence, managed to reach 32 hectares, including 12 ranked Grand Cru. From the growing vines to precision production, Bruno Paillard has dedicated himself to doing only the finest Champagne - elegant, soft, with impressive purity and freshness. He manages to break into a business where no new player has succeeded for over a hundred years. Winique history and wine!

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