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Sauvignon Voglar

Sauvignon "Voglar"

Peter Dipoli
Voglar is the old name of the region, in which the vineyard is located. Up until 1991, a local red Schiava variety was grown there, and then it is replaced by Sauvignon Blanc. The wine reveals a bouquet of aromas and has a dense and bulky structure.
  • 750 ml
  • 2015
  • Alc. %: 14
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Up to 1 business day delivery.

Sauvignon Voglar
Sauvignon "Voglar"

Peter Dipoli

Peter Dipoli is a talent from the new generation of winemakers. After an extensive research, he decided that the high and steep hills of Alto Adige are ideal for making complex and rich red and white wines with aging potential. In 1978, the Dipoli family purchased a 1.2-ha vineyard in Penon. It is a village in the Alto Adige region, northern Italy. Peter rooted away the local red variety vines and planted Sauvignon Blanc. At this height the grapes ripen longer and develop better while preserving fresh the acids that allow it to age in a bottle. Of course, these efforts are well paid because its Voglar – a 100% Sauvignon Blanc, cultivated on nearly vertical hills and aged in acacia barrels, is a bouquet of exquisite exotic fruits and rich minerals. When Peter found a plot in the region with a softer climate and clayey soils, he repeated the success of his white wine with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a winery with a bright future ahead, thanks to the wines wth an own nature that it produces.

Blagoy Kuzmanski
Considered one of Italy's finest Sauvignons, Voglar's small family cellar, Peter Dipoli, will impress you with its harmony and quality. Alto Adige's Alpine Terror gives the wine freshness and elegance, and aging in large barrels: a round, juicy body. The nose is complex and multi-layered, and the aging potential is long.
Nikoleta Dikova
Считан за една от най- добрите Совиньони в Италия, Voglar на малката семейна изба Петер Диполи ще ви впечатли със своята хармония и качество. Алпийският тероар на Алто Адидже придава на виното свежест и елегантност, а отлежаването в големи бъчви: заоблено, сочно тяло. Носът е комплексен и многопластов, а потенциалът за отлежаване-дълъг.

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