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Riesling Gelblack

Riesling Gelblack (dry)

Domaine Schloss Johannisberger
This is a Riesling in its typical for Johannesburg style - mineral and fresh. The soil structure holds the moisture and contributes to the mineral profile of the wine. Part of the fermentation is in large 1200l oak barrels, made from oak plantations, that belong to the winery.
  • BGN20.90
  • 2016
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Up to 1 business day delivery.

Riesling Gelblack
Riesling Gelblack (dry)

Schloss Johannisberger

Schloss Johannesburg is located in the Rheingau district, literally a district of the Rhine River. Its 35 hectares are spread between the river and the foothills of the Taunus Mountain, which makes the climate softer in winter, but more dry and warm in the summer, and in 1971, they were declared as a separate appellation, without mentioning a settlement. The manor is the oldest in the world devoted solely to the Riesling variety (since 1720). This is where the first wines of Spatlese (late 1775), Auslese (selected vintage from 1720 and Eiswein (wine from frozen grape grains, since 1858) were made. The history memory is stored in the soil. Add the long tradition of cultivation of the variety and the favorable climate that make the wines of Schloss Johannisberg inimitable and unique. Johannes Eser created there an exquisitely elegant, high-quality Riesling that combines an intense fruity character with exceptional piquancy and sophistication.

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