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Merlot W.S. Keyes

Merlot W.S. Keyes

La Jota
Merlot comes from two vineyards - La Jota and The Keyes, located high on the Howell Mountain plateau. The first one is on volcanic soils surrounded by pine trees, and the grapes from the second array make the wine more fruity.
  • 750 ml
  • 2010
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Up to 1 business day delivery.

Merlot W.S. Keyes
Merlot W.S. Keyes

La Jota

The La Jota Winery has deep roots in the vine-growing history of the Napa Valley. In 1898, Frederick Hess, a Swiss emigrant, bought a land plot on Howell Mountain, in the northeast of the Napa Valley, California. He founded La Jota on stony, shallow soils with plenty of winds and fogs. Hess believed that this place was good for making wines with character and class, no less than European wines. Only two years later, the first recognition came. In 1900, at the Paris Exhibition, La Jota received a bronze medal for its Bianco. Today, the winery follows the tradition of making "mountainous" Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc on plots 500-600 meters above sea level, surrounded by pine and oak forests. Saturated flavors and muscular tannins are slowly developing to perfection, and the cool winds, the differences between daytime and night temperatures, and high altitude all preserve the freshness perfectly balanced.

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