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Pezas de Portela

Pezas de Portela

Bodega Valdesil
Eleven different parcels, combined in a unique wine that blends in itself complex flavors and tastes. The vineyards are located on the slopes of Portela with a view to the River of Scil. It is a nice to drink wine with great depth in its taste and a light mineral nuance.
  • 750 ml
  • 2015
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Up to 1 business day delivery.

Up to 1 business day delivery.

Pezas de Portela
Pezas de Portela

Bodega Valdesil

The Valdesil Domain is located in Galicia, Spain and its name literally means: The Sil River Valley. Since 2000, the Prada family has been purchasing back a plot by plot all lands sold by the previous generation, and which José Ramón Gayoso has planted with vines as early as 1855. Taking advantage of the enormous potential of the land, through low yields and separate management of each plot together with the main winemaker Cristina Mantilla and her skills to work with the local variety Godello, Valdesil offers some of the most impressive and interesting white wines made in Spain today. They have the oldest Godello vines, as well as impressive plots called “pezas”, high on the hills along the Sil River, on terraces, on shale slabs. Thanks to a renewed tradition and an excellent team of professionals, Valdesil makes wines that reflect the origin and variety - elegant and individual.

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